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LINQ, BLINQ and prototyping

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    Klaus Enevoldsen

    I few thoughts…

    I was thinking about LINQ which is a project that I am trying to follow very closely - very interesting.

    I saw, but did not try, the BLINQ project which is quite unique and very cleverly done; it creates a user interface based on the design of a database.

    The BLINQ project requires that you know what you want to build before you build it, you don't always know that. A project does not have to be all that large before it is difficult for the customer to overview the whole project.

    Sure you could analyze the whole company and spend 2 years to come up with the solution that you think solves every problem but when the user sees it he/she says: “Well it looks nice and I like the colors, but it is not quite what I expected”.

    I am a big fan of prototyping where the customer/user gets mock-ups of the application and the developer/project manager can get feedback early in the development and try to make sure that the product going in the right direction. Sure there are a lot of problems with prototyping.

    I wonder, is there a way to cleverly use LINQ or BLINQ with prototyping?

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