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IE7: + s and - s

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    Okay, So I have been using the newly released IE7 for some time.
    So here is what I don't like in it:
    1) Its slow. When you open it up it takes more time to get it started, although I have a powerfull machine.

    2) The initial reference page takes time to load. When you open the browser you get a white page that does not have a reference to a HTMLDocument yet, this process needs to be changed somewhat. In Firefox, Firefox caches a reference somewhere in its cache and it does not get erased. Maybe IE7 Team need to make some changes to improve performance in this area.

    3) Switching between taps is not as fast as it should be. More improvement should be done in this area.

    4) need to add inline search as an integral part of the browser.

    5) Need to add a context menu item when you right click after highlighting a word in the text, and be able to search for it in your default search engine in a new tab (kinda like the one in Firefox).
    6) Favorite manager needs to change to allow multi-Selection on the favorites so you don't have to move the links one at a time.
    7) Want to see a feature that allows you to search the web page for viruses or malicious code using your existing anti-virus solution. So when you browse to a page, the anti-virus is asked to scan it for malicious code as well as checked for phishing, before it displays in my screen.
    8) Perhaps add a new way to rate a webpage (include into the phishing database, to say this page is safe (give it 5 ratings (green stars), or not safe 5 red stars to the left (---Red Stars-- || ---Green Stars-- ) . So I can know what other visitors to a web page thought about it and if its really safe.

    Here are some things that are good

    1) Multiple tabs to browse.
    2) faster download rates and generally websites seem to load faster than in Firefox (few seconds difference) which is a plus.
    3) The newly added security features: Not quite as good as Firefox's but its an improvement.
    4)The Add-In Feature. That Rocks.
    5) Ability to diagnose connection problems ++ (very good).
    6) Phishing filter : It rocks.
    7) To magnify the web page is a good feature too.

    my 2 cents.

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    Don't forget printing support, it's way better.

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