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Removing SmartClient Project from Solution

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    So I deleted a SmartClient project within one of my Solutions.

    Now, I receive errors everytime VS.NET 2005 loads the solution.
    It thropws some message saying I should remove the refereance (but I can't find a referance to it anywhere).

    Also, now I can only build in Debug mode, Release fails with hundreds of errors.

    Can I just remove these lines from within the sln file?

    GlobalSection(ExtensibilityGlobals) = postSolution
      RootNamespace = FITA.SmartClient
      CommonProjectGuid = 4d585ff0-8276-4c8e-88b2-7ba79cba7cf3
      ShellProjectGuid = a5580040-29c9-44c1-ac9e-4e698c4d5e24

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    Nevermind, removing those lines from the Sln file did the trick.

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