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Distributing Crystal Reports

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    I'm rounding up a new program for a client and I used Crystal Reports for creating stuff like invoices and shipmentlabels. While the program works great and I'm more then happy with performance of the tools there's one thing I don't like about crystal reports.

    I tried using a merge module of crystal reports in a WiX setup package. The candle compiler eats it and delivers the wixobject I need, but the Light linker doesn't want to link the merge module, complaining about a lot of things like duplicate entries of ProgramFilesFolder and all that.
    I really don't see why it doesn't work, but well, it's crystal reports and it had a few hickups before.

    Having tried that I decided to use a separate msi to install crystal reports. I tried finding one on the install DVD of VS2005 on which it is supposed to recide, but I can't find it. (The documentation said it was with the installation files). Now I'm using an empty setup created using the standard VS2005 tools and added the merge modules to that, it seems to work but I don't think the client is going to be too happy about it.

    So basically, I'm a bit dissapointed and I thought let's tell the guys on channel9 and see if they have had this problem too or know a prettier way of distributing crystal reports. Ooh and I don't want to drop WiX, because it's a great tool and did the trick right from the start, I'll never go back to those pesky installer assemblies to install my SQL database Tongue Out

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    We have the same problem distributing Crystal Reports XI using WIX. Sad

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