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Vista and HPT374 RAID controller drivers

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    I was looking for long for HPT374 Raid controller drivers, and nothing appeared on the horizon. Finally I received this very interesting info from High Point Technologies:

    We no longer develop for individual HPT3xx controllers.
    You can try the Vista beta release for the RR454 card - this card uses the HPT374 controller.

    I didn't try it yet, so be carefull, yet I would share it for those who had the same problem I had

    here the link at the day I got it


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    Thanks for the tip.  I tried the RR454 driver and it works fine (so far Wink ) This is with a GA vista home premium.  I just add the drivers as part of the initial install and everything seems fine from there.  There's no guarantees but it seems to work for me Smiley

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    The link to the driver appears to be dead, does anyone know where I can get another copy of this so that I can try it out on my system?

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    First of all, can't believe Vista doesn't support this SATA chipset or my adaptec SCSI card!

    But you can get the hpt374/rr454 driver from the support|bios + drivers link on the website under th ATA raid section.

    Vista seems to have accepted it, but I will just see how it goes.  Will post again if it doesn't work.

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