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Team Explorer

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    Andy H

    Ive searched alot for this but cant seem to find anything. Basically my Team Explorer in VS2005 isnt showing up icons for htm documents ? im using VS2005 team suite (installed in the order of VS2005 professional > vs2005 team suite > vs2005 team explorer) as originally i had 2005 professional but upgraded to team suite. The Team foundation server is on a local network and i can connect fine to it , check things in and out etc but on the server the icons do show up. Have i overlooked something in the way i installed team explorer ? functionality wise everything appears to work fine just seeing these missing icons takes away from the spit and shine Tongue Out

    Ive been able to repro it on 3 windows xp machines (all xp pro) just wondered if id missed something to cause this behaviour ? if i use remote desktop to connect to the team foundation server and open up team explorer the icons do show up.

    Pic :

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    Andy H

    found the fix for this at and downloaded the vbs script to reset the htm/html icons and team explorer now displays correctly. I think what happened over the various windows updates at points the registry became corrupted in regards to thos icons as even changing them through file types in folder control didnt work.

    Im a happy chappy now Tongue Out

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