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Best way to get a Type from a String?

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    Anyone got a slick way of obtaining a Type from a String?

    I usually create a dictionary, Key[String], Value[Type], and then work off the dictionary to obtain the Type from the String, there has to be a better way.

    For Example, I have a list of Components somewhere (DB, Config, wherever). Some method returns me the String value of the type "MyTypes.MyControlType", now I want to turn that string into the actual Type (not an instance, just the Type).


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    Type.GetType(typeName) ?

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    Minh wrote:
    Type.GetType(typeName) ?

    Wow, now don't I feel silly.


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    Sometimes the easiest way is so far away Smiley

    Type.GetType(...) has several nice overloads. The default overload (with one argument) returns null if the type couldn't be constructed. Sometimes the Type.AssemblyQualifiedName is required (in a string representation) to create a type from a string.

    You could also use another overload and let the method throw an exception when the type couldn't be fetched from the string.

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