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What's a dictionary?

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    Time for another: Zippy doesn't know. Tongue Out

    What's a dictionary? I mean in programming terms. I've seen it for the first time in VBscript I think and every once and awhile I see it in code samples. What's it for? Any good examples when I should use this or not use it?

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    Klaus Enevoldsen

    Do you mean as in a collection? If yes, then it is an indexed array where you have a key and a value. You use the key to store and retrieve the value (it is implemented as a hash table).

    System.Collections has a few different ways to implement custom Dictionaries which can be very handy, in 2.0 you can use generics to create very powerful dictionaries with little code.

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    Sven Groot

    This wikipedia article might help:

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