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View Thread: WSE 2.0 Services can replace some "old" Windows Services?
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    VB6 guys would always brag about creating their first Windows Service. Now, the same VB.NET blokes would brag about creating their first Service—no, not Web Service or Windows Service, just Service. WSE provides this capability. This is attractive to me for the following reasons:

    ·        Code access security “complications” should not be an issue with these services. The assumption here is that the code is started by a privileged user—and the code is called by users of unknown security permissions (outside of the context of WSE security features). We may not have to be so devoted to the principle of coding for least privilege.

    ·        The “old” Windows Service components are bound to its hosting OS per machine while modern Service components “live” in an abstract layer punctuated with SOAP TCP addresses.

    The “DTS assembly” I just built a few days ago, loaded by reflection, looks like it can loaded by WSE instead. I am certain that loading an assembly with reflection has more security complications than simply calling a Service running under higher privileges.