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Small Business Server 2003 !

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    Hi everybody.... (hi Dr.Nick)

    I just took on a job where there is a SBS2003 without Exchange 2003 installed and am about to finish the setup. I myself have never fully installed and setup a SBS2003 so I was wondering if anyone could point out some interesting links or give me some tips on what to watch out for (heads up!).

    Currently the company is using it's ISP's mail serv. to POP3 all mail but they want to be able to use Public Folders, share contacts that is, aswell.

    A thousand thanks in advance.

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    I've had a client up and running on SBS 2003 Standard for about a year now.  I use the following sites as reasources:

    E-Bitz - SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS "Diva"

    Inside SBS on SBS 2003 & other Tech-stuff

    but the first place you should start is:


    Lots of good tips, tuturials and best practices.  As far as tips from me, it all depends on what the server is used for.  You're not using Exchange so that eliminates some headaches there.  Are you running Premium or Standard?  What's the servers role?

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