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Tough one - Component Services and MSDTC issue XP Pro

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    Hello everyone,

    I purchased a brand new shiny development machine last weekend (one of the  new dual core 2 processor machines...two thumbs way up!).

    The operating system on the machine is XP Pro.

    I am coding a C# 2005 winforms application which requires MSDTC and after opening my C# project and running it  I noticed that MSDTC is not installed on my new machine.  I thought MSDTC was installed on every windows machine but apparently that is not correct.

    So when I go to component services to look at the Distributed Transaction Coordinator the "my computer" icon has a red arrow over it instead of a green arrow which makes it look like there is a problem.

    If I click on the "distributed transaction coordinator" folder under component services i receive this message

    cannot open this folder because connection to the msdtc service on 'My Computer' failed. Make sur that:

    The computer is running.
    You have permissions to administer the computer.
    The computer name is correct.


    If I click on the "com+" folder under component services i receive this message.
    An error occurred while processing the last operation.
    Error code 8004e00F - Com+ was unable to talk to the Microsoft Distributed Transaction

    The event log may contain additional troubleshooting information.

    The event log does not contain any information and I am pretty stumped.  I double checked my  username and I am a member of the administrator group.  Any help is really appreciated.



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    Have you tried stopping and starting the Distributed Transaction Coordinator in Administritive Tools -> Services?

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    It is not there.
    There is not msdtc service located under the services area.

    Also, if you use net start msdtc or net stop msdtc windows says it cannot find msdtc.

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    well i am guessing that my computer manufacturer caused this problem but here is how i fixed it.


    I went to a command prompt.

    I navigated to c:\windows\system32

    I ran msdtc - install

    that installed Msdtc and the service now appears under the "services" area.  Everything appears to work fine now.

    I have no idea why it was not installed.

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