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View Thread: Vista audio question: No input volume controls in Vista?
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    I was trying to record from a cassette into my computer using the mic and line-in and I realised that Vista doesn't seem to have any RECORD volume controls.

    In XP you can open your output volumes, your input volumes and enable and disable certain inputs using the checkboxes.

    Vista seems to only have output volume controls. I couldn't use Line-In at all and mic picked up a signal and I could record it but I couldn't hear what I was recording through my speakers at the same time. I remember plugging in a microphone and hearing myself through the speakers in the past but for some reason, while Audition 2.0 was open I couldn't hear anything. I would have rather used the Line-In but like I said, it doesn't work at all.

    Is this just because I'm using the onboard SoundMAX integrated audio from my motherboard or is there no Record Volume in Vista?

    In the end, I rebooted into XP, started up Audition and Line-In worked fine. I set the levels to where they should be and it recorded just fine.