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View Thread: Vista audio question: No input volume controls in Vista?
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    Yup, I found all of that. It's just not very useful. Then old Recording controls where much easier to use.

    I just plugged a Creative Zen Micro into the Line-In of my computer while I was typing that first sentence and for some reason I can hear it through my speakers now but that LEVELS slider does absolutely nothing. The meters in Audition move but it just records quiet static.

    The MIC jack picks up a signal if I plug in the wire half way and I can see the little meter moving but I hear nothing out my speakers.

    I'm going to mess with this a bit more and try out Vista's sound recorder. It might have something to do with Audition.

    Ion Todirel wrote:
    how about this: Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Sound - Manage audio devices?


    also look at Speakers Properties (in Playback tab), for recording sounds you also can use Vista's built in tool accesible from Start - All Programs - Accesories - Sound Recorder.