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Vista audio question: No input volume controls in Vista?

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    under control panel > sound, if you select the recording tab, you can select wave out mix as the default recording device and can record what you hear. this feature might only be limited to certain sound cards. my sound card is a conexant high definition audio (not sure on specific model) , that came with my computer (and my computer came with vista) 

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    just another idea, get a peice of harware that allows you to plug your line in cable into the mic jack

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    I found a solution to the problem listed elsewhere (and here) as SoundMax Input Audio Monitor or Missing "EnableInputMonitor" registry setting. I have an HP NC8430 (HP Business Notebook) originally purchased with Windows XP Pro, and later upgraded to Vista Business. My microphone also functioned properly in Windows XP, but to my chagrin, there was no documented way to enable the input audio monitor. As it turns out, there was apparently a group of people colluding in secret (recording industry and and other large notebook manufactures) to limit copying of music... best I can tell because this functionality turned out to be DELIBERATELY disabled in my notebook's driver setup... read on.

    I downloaded and installed the Soundmax driver's from HP's web site thinking that the new driver would solve my similar problem (no input audio monitor so I could play Karaoke) ... I was in for a journey!!

    I tried all sorts of fixes wherever I found a solution posted, the closest thing I found and the thing that led me to own fix was in this thread:
    which starts:

    "Well I don't know if this applies to Vista but here is how I solved the problem with my XP installation on an IBM that had no Stereo Mix on the record side, only Mic in.

    Basically the software (driver) is built to do everything including Stereo Mix . They are all that way. Well most of them are as it's much easier to design a driver to do everything and then disable functions in a config file. Redesigning a driver is very expensive. Disabling the Stereo Mix is a requirement that is artificially imposed so you don't capture (steal) audio streams. "

    First, my solution assumes that anyone searching for it has already read a whole freaking lot about this problem and is familiar with ALL of the other proposed solutions, and therefore doesn't cover everything (like where in the sound control panel you would enable the microphone, etc) just what I did to get mine working.

    I downloaded and extracted Soundmax the driver from the HP site, opened the ADIHdAud.inf file in the i386 directory, and armed with the knowledge that these settings were most likely present in the .inf file and that they would be intentionally disabled, searched for the term "disable".

    Low and behold, at line 597 was section "HpMobileCommon.AddReg", and lines 601 & 602 read:

    HKR,AD1981\\Disable, "MonR", 1, 01 ; Disable Mono Out Record
    HKR,AD1981\\Disable, "MicV", 1, 01 ; Disable Microphone Playback

    which I simply commented out using semi colon:
    ;HKR,AD1981\\Disable, "MonR", 1, 01 ; Disable Mono Out Record
    ;HKR,AD1981\\Disable, "MicV", 1, 01 ; Disable Microphone Playback

    Then, lines 604 & 605:
    HKR,AD1981, MicR, 1, 0B; Set Mic Record Slider
    HKR,AD1981, LinR, 1, 0B; Set Line In Record Slider

    I changed to:
    HKR,AD1981, MicR, 1, 01; Set Mic Record Slider
    HKR,AD1981, LinR, 1, 01; Set Line In Record Slider

    After making the above modifications, I reinstalled the audio driver, and whallaH! the Microphone Slider magically appeared (muted) on the Speakers => Levels tab!!!! After simply unmuting the microphone (a little button next to the slider) ... I was able to sing my heart out... (by myself thank you!) ...

    I started this last night (Sat evening) at 4:30 PM hoping to bring my laptop to my friend's party for some Karaoke fun, and spent 1.5 hours on it with no luck. I started working on this again at 9:00 AM this morning... called HP Technical support (who were completely and totally utterly USELESS!!!!!) and spent an hour and a half having to repeat myself and talk sloooooowwwly and clearly over and over and over and over again answering the same stupid questions over and over... At my wits end, I gave up and went shopping with my friend.

    When I got back and refreshed enough, I spent another 2 or so hours this evening on the solution.

    My pain is your gain.

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    Thanks KennsterDude...
    thanks to your post I can now monitor recordings via my microphone port which I have been unable to do since I bought my laptop a year ago.

    I have a Compaq/HP nx7400 running Windows XP SP2 and SoundMax.

    I removed "HKR AD1981 Disable MicV" from the registry and rebooted. Now - for the first time ever -  I have a Microphone Volume control on my Master Volume (playback) control panel which allows me to listen on the microphone port.

    Thanks again

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    It's right at front of you. Tongue Out

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    With respect, the only thing in front of me is the graphic you posted in your message.
    As a software consult and someone who has been working in software development for over thirty years, I can assure you that there were no features/controls to allow monitoring sound on the microphone port on my machine until I applied the above registry change. In my particular case, these features were disabled when the SoundMax drivers were originally installed.


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    I have the same problem as some of you guys had with no volume on the mic playback . The problem is that i dont have the SoundMax soundcard in my HP notebook, its a Conexant soundcard. I have tried editing the installation files to enable Mic Playback/Monitor but cant fint the right values to change.

    Have anyone tried this or could give me some hints what to change to get this working?

    This is how the inf-file looks like in the Conexant installation files:

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    Well I have to say I've been using a Mac Mini for the last 2 weeks and it has been bliss.  Every thing just works. Unplug a monitor and plutg in new one and it just works.  No idiotic messing around with settings.  It just works.

    And I have to tell you going back to my PC with Vista and having all these annoying problems when everything just works on the Mac makes me very, very sad for Microsoft. I've always thought of Macs as little toys, pretend computers, but now I know... they work.  Unlike Vista.  And they don't force us to buy their POS OS, Vista, just so they can charge us to downgrade to the OS we want, XP.

    I'm a .Net developer and I've just about decided to switch to Mac's for development because Microsoft just hates us so much. They charge me $2,500 a year for the honor of developing for Microsoft but they keep stealing features away from me every year.  Just 4 years ago my $2,500 bucks got me everything Microsoft made so I could do honest testing.  Now they send me extra bills trying to trick me into paying more, then when I refuse to pay the fake bill they cancel my VALID PAYED FOR ACCOUNTS!!!

    Yeah so sorry but I'm going to have to say goodbye to Microsoft. Vista is a nightmare and that idiotic Mohave commercial only angers us that have been force to use this POS.  They show some moron that doesn't actuall get to USE Vista and they say, "Oh, that looks pretty. Vista is the bestest ever! You're just too stupid to realize it!" Yeah, and it doesn't work for poo.

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    I think we had the same problem, I found the fix.  Go to

    The first choice should be what you need.  Or here's the direct link (as of today):

    Good luck!


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    saminbama said:

    I think we had the same problem, I found the fix.  Go to

    The first choice should be what you need.  Or here's the direct link (as of today):

    Good luck!


    That link helped, NOT! (well, maybe some). People with this problem do NOT have the options in there, muted or not. I for one have an HP dv9200cto laptop with Conexant Audio. I am lucky. If I install the driver that is included when I go to HP recovery manager, I have controls in my playback device properties for Playback Levels -> Internal Speaker/Headphones, Mic In, Line In (don't think this one will work as there is not a seperate Line In on this laptop - only a Mic In, and 2 headphone/speaker outputs and a combined spdif optical output), then a CD Audio Level.


    I found out later when I let Microsoft update do it's thing with the driver update for Conexant, these controls mysteriously vanished.  Sad

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