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Simulation in Robotics Studio?

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    I am looking for a simulation/modelling tool for a robotics project i am doing (as part of a group). The robot will be an FPGA-based platform, with the objective being to solve a maze. At this stage we are looking for something that will model the system before we actually start interfacing things with hardware. For example we have an algorithm designed for maze solving, the function and feedback of the sensors and motors specified, and a GUI being designed in Java. What i would like to know is if Robotics Studio can perform simulation of our system (without actually interfacing with hardware). I have started going through the tutorials on the site but so far they haven't been of too much help for what i am trying to do (i also do not have much experience in the environment). Will i be able to do what i am looking to do in MSRS? If so, where should i get started to try to figure out how to do this?

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