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Download of all server 2000 & 2003 patches - hit by virus!

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    We got hit hard by a virus today at work and we had 3 servers out of our 100 ( not bad) that didn't have a lot of patches. 
    After the virus removal process, we did a update of all servers but these 3 have problems.

    Is there a place to download all cumulative patches for these servers that we could put onto a cd and install them from there?

    Any help would be appreciated aws we are going slightly crazy trying to get everything back on line - we're a hospital and the nurses hate paperwork when there are computers.

    Thank You!

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    the best way i have found to get a copy of all the windows updates is to use the code from they have scipts that will download all your windows XP/2000/2003 updates as well as use them to update a system durring a clean install.

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    Why not use WSUS, it's a much better way of patching large numbers of machines.

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