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Toshiba A40 Satellite

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    Ever heard of a PC taking 28mins 37secs to switch on!?

    Well thats my problem! The laptop is taking that long to boot up. And I don't mean from windows I mean from the moment the power button is pressed untill I get to a windows welcome screen!

    I did a reformat of the drive to wipe it off and start fresh and thats the results. For a few hours I was recieving a "An Error Occured please press CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart" message, but that has since gone... for now!

    I haven't got a clue whats going on or how to fix it! ANY ideas will be strongly welcomed!

    Thank you in advance.


    Model: Toshiba Satellite A40
    CPU: Intel Celeron 2.8ghz
    RAM: 256mb
    OS: Windows XP SP2
    HDD: 40GB

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    replace the hard drive with a new one. i had a laptop with a bad hard drive take a long time like that once.

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    Thats what I thought, especially considoring the error message I was reciving. I did hope for an easier solution though!!

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    It could be hard disk, but given the error, it sound like the CPU heat pipe has detatched.

    In other words, your CPU is over heating because it effectively is not being cooled. To cope with this, the CPU is throttling itself. Very severely, in this case - it's possible ... Expressionless

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    I have a Tosh P100 and it took a long time to boot but not as long as your admittedly, so yep I would get it serviced in the first instance.

    But if you want to try something out try this real neat software

    I cleaned up and defrag the registry which has shaved minutes off the boot time with this software, it's actually very well made.

    I also run Diskeeper 10 and this keep the rest of the machine as quick as it can be. 


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    use spin right from
     your hard drive could be dying!

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