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    Hi all,

    Just want to say thanks, I was reading some posts and I got great info about Windows XP bios settings but my troubles continue.

    Hope I don't fumble too much with my problem/actions description.

    Game: Battlefield 1942
    Video stuttering
    Graphics card: ATI 9200 Radeon
    Motherboard: (Exact details unkwn) Compaq Presario 1.9G w/integrated video.
    1G RAM
    60G HDD

    WindowsXP Home edition

    Actions taken:

    • Refresh rate is set to 85Hz, any higher the game shuts down during play.
    • Overclock speed this caused problem by creating "boxes" where I had to remove the card and reset it in order to get back to normal. Currently 249 core clock and 198 mem clock.
    • Reloaded video driver
    • Reloaded game
    • Updated Video driver
    • Still cannot get Catalyst Control Panel to open (Version 5.8 with 2.0 .NET, XP service package 2.0) Got this info from other threads about what to do.
    • Bios settings, looks Chinese to me so no changes there. Graphics are set to PCI and standard VGA memory is 1MB.
    • Reinstalled windowXP, this time it did not load the intigrated video driver and asked for the ATI disk so I went from three displays options to two (this occured after and major malfunction on my part, registry edit files are important) I felt like I made progress though.

    I think I may have found the issue but can't correct it. In "EA info" the display indicates the ATI graphics being used is only 1MB with a second display showing 256MB but no monitor associated to it.

    EA info:
    Display 1 indicates Radeon 9200 series - secondary with my monitor associated = 1MB
    Display 2 indicates RADEON 9200 with no monitor associated = 256MB video memory.

    Display Properties:

    This contradicts EA info,
    RADEON 9200 on Gateway EV700 (Monitor, I know you know this but I feel a little stupid at this point)
    RADEON 9200 SERIES - Secondary (Default Monitor)

    EA info and Device manager agree with the driver version but if I change it I loose the 256MB option in EA info.

    I tried to change the default settings to match the game but it reverts back to the original settings. When ever I try to disable unused display in DM the game does not reconzed the 256MB graphics anymore. Also I can never get the DM to show one display, after an uninstall the reboot will detect new hardware and reload the drivers for it.

    I'm about two seconds from.......... well I need to wait to see any responce first before drastic action is taken against my computer, house and dog (sorry I'll leave the dog out of it).

    All the best and many thanks for making to the end of this post.

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