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context menu plight...

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    I am developing a windows mobile application for the pocket pc 2003 framework and I would like to make a context menu.  Sounds easy right... well here is the catch - the context menu needs to be shown from within a user control (UC2).  Again sounds easy right...  but wait there is more.  the user control is contained within another user control (UC1), something like this:

    |  UC1        |
    | |-------|    |
    | |UC2  |    |
    | |     x  |    |
    | |-------|    |
    |    x           |

    So what I would like to do is either create a menu resource that I can load from either user control, modifying the contents of the context menu with respect to which control it is brought up in,


    have UC2 fire an event to UC1 indicating the context menu should be shown.

    The context menu shall be shown when the user right clicks where the "x"'s are

    What would you suggest as a solution for this problem ?

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