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Problem installing the Windows SDK 6.0.6000.0

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    I posted this in the MSDN forums, but nobody has replied yet, so I thought I'd post it here.

    I have Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. I have a system partition which is 8GB (D:). I have a separate partition for programs and documents (E:). I also have a big scratch partition (F:). My temporary directory is on the F: drive.

    Currently, the D: drive has about 100MB of free disk space. Since only system components are installed here and my swap file is on a separate partition, this is enough space. The E: drive has about 25GB free. The F: drive has about 30GB free.

    When I run the Windows Vista / .NET Framework 3.0 SDK setup, it asks me for two folder locations. One for the SDK files and another for SDK samples. I set both to directories on the E: drive. When I go to the next step, it says I need 600MB+ on my D: drive in order to continue. I went back and made sure both of my selected directory locations were on E:. Unfortunately, the SDK still demands 600MB+ of my system drive. I have gone through my D: drive to find stuff I can delete and I still am not even close to having enough room. Why is the installer demanding space from the system drive? Is there a way I can work around this?

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    Some stuff just has to go on the boot drive.  Your best move would be to use a partitioning program to resize the boot partition and make it a lot bigger.

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