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View Thread: ASPX page to stream a PDF
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    Red5 wrote:


    Can anyone provide some insight here? 


       Dim  Buffer() As Byte
       ReDim Preserve Buffer(CInt(FileSize - 1))
       MyFileStream.Read(Buffer, 0, CInt(FileSize - 1))


    I know you have cut'n'pasted, etc. But humor me (us):

    What happens if you don't reduce the file size (Highlighted in red, above). ie Read and Send the Last byte of the PDF?

    Also, I know very little about ASP.NET security contexts, etc, so I might be stearing you in the wrong direction here. But what's the ownership of aspx file(s) - ie compare the owners of both aspx files/resources (Security tab, advance, etc).

    Edit: I just read the VB.NET doco, and the ReDim was right (changed from VB6), but FileStream.Read is expecting a count. I'd probably change the ReDim anyway, just from a consisency/maintainability point of view, though.

    Oh, and I'm assuming that the posted code is a cut-down version, without the error/sanity checking... [A]