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    I tried a content type of "image/jpg" in both pages.  Works correctly and the same in both pages.  A jpg of my choice was output in the browser windows.

    I tried putting the vb code behind as inline script.
    Works on the first page correctly, but not in page2.  Again, page2 is being a real stinker.

    I think I'm about to give up.

    In all the examples so far, Adobe Reader 5.0 is my default reader.

    On the bright side, when this is put on a public web server, and I connect from home where my version of Adobe Reader is 7.0, it works fine.  Go figure.  Hopefully not many users are still using Adobe 5.0.

    It still doesn't explain why page1 works with Adober Reader 5.0 and page2 does not.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone as I learned a couple of points here. 
    If anyone has a brainstorm feel free to add it. 
    I will check back periodically.