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Does Visual Studio have an "advanced mode" now?

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    Eric Falsken

    I'm back on XP for a short time, but I had to reinstall Visual Studio. Now a bunch of the features I'm used to (like my Immediate Window) and the debug toolbar with "step in" "step out" "step over" are all missing. There are other things, but those are the most obvious. Where'd all the useful stuff go?

    To head off the obvious, I've tried resetting my profile, deleting my VS preferences folder(s), and looking through all the menus. I'm pretty sure most of the options are nowhere to be found except in the "customize toolbar" dialog.

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    You'll find the Debugging-specific windows, like Immediate (which worked better in 2003, IMO) are under Debug > Windows, rather than View > Other Windows

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    Visual Studio supports storing specific window layouts, and has several defaults - some of the defaults don't have all those windows, so you need to re-enable them manually.

    You can then save a window layout under Window -> Save Window Layout as...

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    Eric Falsken

    How do I load the other layouts?

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