Documentation states the currently open database session mdw cannot be reassigned because DBEngine.SystemDB is read only.

You can however reassign the mdw for another database which seems at odds with this. Is the latter really impossible?

Paraphrasing some code:

MyOldMDW = DBEngine.SystemDB
DBEngine.SystemDB = c:\myfolder\mynew.mdw
wsp = DBEngine.CreateWorkspace("x", "U1","Psw")
dbs = wsp.OpenDatabase(CurrentDB.Name, false,false)
. Do something
DBEngine.SystemDB = MyOldMDW

The 'wsp =' line, errors, as user not found. This is because U1 is not a user in the old mdw but is a user in the new one and the mdw never got reassigned.

The line DBEngine.SystemDB = c:\myfolder\mynew.mdw does not error because Access has no way of knowing what you are going to do next.