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Restoring XP to Vista upgrade

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    I recently upgraded an XP SP2 system with the Vista RTM. For a variety of reasons, it is necessary for me to restore my latest XP backup.

    Thanks to others on the forum, I downloaded the NT backup utility for Vista and am about ready to do the restore.


    1. Will simply doing a brute-force restore get rid of everything relating to Vista?

    2. Do I have to tangle with Vista boot managers, etc.?

    3. Do I need to do a format, and if how, how to do it?  It doesn't look like the NT backup utility for Vista has a format before restore feature.


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    Well the NT backup utility isn't the best tool for this kind of job. Making a backup with disk imaging software like Norton Ghost would have been wiser.

    Considering the trouble you are facing, I would simply boot up the Windows XP setup and choose to reformat the entire drive.

    Just make a backup of all your important data like documents and source code.

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