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View Thread: Dual CPU Server Needed? Seems to Expensive
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    I went to price a 1U server at Dell and the price seemed outrageous, about 6K.  However, it could be because I don't understand the CPU part as much as I should.

    I priced a server with two cpu's (each dual core).  However, is that really needed or is a single chip dual core the equivalent of a two cpu server before?  (Essentially, was I pricing a real 4 way server?)

    Basically, my question is, would a single chip with dual core be about the same performance or more as an older xeon single core dual cpu server?

    I understand that the server I need depends on many things, my workload, what I'm using it for, etc.  However, like I said, I thought I would want at least a dual cpu server.

    I bought my own personal workstation for around 3,500 a couple of years ago with a dual cpu xeon server with hyperthreading that shows as 4 CPU's, at 2GHZ.  I think these were 2.33 ghz.