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Pack Installer 1.0 Released

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    Hi everyone, I know I haven't kept up with letting people know about the development of the Pack Installer, but for anyone who is using it, or who might want to give it a try, I've just released the 1.0 build of the Pack Installer to CodePlex.

    The 1.0 release is mostly bug fixes and minor improvements.  One of the features we added that I'm really happy with is verification of downloads.  Pack Installer will now make sure that what it downloaded is what you wanted before continuing the installation. 

    As always, your feeback is greatly desired, so good or bad, send your comments my way!

    Happy downloading,


    P.S. I'll be putting up a note about how we figured out what improvements to make to the UI for this release on my blog in a little bit.

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    Works great for me Smiley Thanks for the heads up.

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