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To LINQ or not to LINQ

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    So my company wants a customer database and I'm trying to decide between using ADO.NET or LINQ for the management and report apps.

    I know LINQ's in beta, but in the case that something does go wrong, the damage shouldn't be too bad (unless it somehow eats the database), and I'm willing to take the risk/responsibility.

    Usability wise though, how is LINQ's VS2005 integration so far?

    Speaking of which, reports and invoices printed in XPS would be sorta cool huh?

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    reinux wrote:
    Usability wise though, how is LINQ's VS2005 integration so far?

    As far as I know, the May 2006 CTP was the last LINQ CTP that's installed on VS2005. All further updates are part of the Orcas CTP, meaning you don't use the same dev environment you do for the rest of your project. I don't think it's going to be backported to VS2005.

    Speaking from the last couple of days' experience, though, LINQ on Orcas is FUN!
    I've been going over this series of articles to get a good idea of the underlying principles and technologies. Heartily recommended.

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    Nice. Thanks!

    Should be much funner learning LINQ than relearning ADO Smiley

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