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View Thread: Stuttering audio playback in Vista
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    Sven Groot

    cokert wrote:
    if its skipping on everything ... idunno.  i asked about the cpu using wondering if it wasn't vista's drm.  i saw a post right after vista was released about someone seeing a process with a nefarious name using 10% cpu while playing an mp3 though wmp, and that same process using 0% while playing through a different media player...

    The process you refer to is mfpmp.exe, which is responsible for rendering the audio (and despite the fact that this process is also responsible for the protected audio path, in this case DRM has nothing to do with it as the content is not protected). The other audio player you refer to is probably Foobar2000, which is capable of writing audio directly into the kernel mode audio driver, skipping the user mode layer and mfpmp.exe.

    Mfpmp.exe's excessively high CPU usage seems to be caused by buggy drivers (at least I've read reports of people upgrading their drivers and the issue disappearing), and, I repeat, has nothing to do with DRM.

    Since the OP is not seeing excessive CPU usage and from his wording it seems the problem is limited to audio CDs only, I'm guessing that's not his problem.