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    quango wrote:

    Actually it depends on what type of MSDN subscription you purchase. I purchased the eOpen volumen license MSDN version with a two year subscription - you only get an email with the login details to the eOpen site (which took about 24hrs before it was activated there) and then I was able to create my MSDN subscription from that.

    It's also a lot cheaper than the 'packaged' one year retain MSDN sub.

    Yup we did likewise, although we got the 3 year version.

    I was just chomping at the bit to get my downloads Smiley
    In truth however, ordering Monday afternoon and completed by Friday morning is not really that bad.

    And you're right about it being cheap.

    I'm not sure people like advertising on C9 but we bought ours from GreyMatter in the uk.

    With discounts (applicable in March this year) the cost was ~£309 each user per year payable at the start of each year. ( I forget if that includes local VAT)

    A good deal either way.