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how to trace this?

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    guys,can you please help me?

    i need to trace the location or the IP ADDRESS where some particular URL's are created or accessed.can you tell me some way or some software to trace the exact system or the IP ADDRESS of that system.please help me by telling the procedure.i am sure the tech studs of channel 9 can solve every problem.
    its kinda urgent!

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    I'm not quite sure that i understand you - you want to track the location of people who vistit eg. ?

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    It'll be in your webserver's logfiles (assuming they're being generated in the first place).

    Once you've got the client IP address (but it may be spoofed) you can use free IPv4 Address geolocation databases to get an approximate location (usually to the nearest country, or state if its in the USA)

    Anything more precise requires some pretty serious legal action.

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    I am not sure what exactly you're looking for, but if you want to get the IP address of a user visiting your ASP.NET site, you can use something like the following:

    Dim strClientIP As String
    strClientIP = Request.UserHostAddress()

    See this posting for some more info:

    Hope this helps,

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