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Redundant UAC Dialog for Require Trusted Path?

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    I decided to enable the requirement of a CTRL+ALT+DEL for extra security, so that some form of malware can't easily fool me into thinking that their dialog is the real one.

    However, I was wondering when you choose to elevate something, why you first have to click "I want to complete this action", then press CTRL+ALT+DEL then enter the password in the other dialog box in the security desktop.  Shouldn't pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL be enough of an indication that you want to complete the action... or how about after you enter the password even.

    Is there a way to disable the "I want to complete this action" and just goto straight to CTRL+ALT+DEL then the rest, etc.?

    ....And as another question: How do I adjust the timeout period for locking my desktop in Vista?

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    The reason we show the dialog you're referring to is because we need to know when to display the UAC prompt on the secure desktop.  There are interesting problems here like when should we start the UAC dialog timeout or how do we handle multiple elevation requests.  This dialog was our way around these issues.  I use that configuration so I can appreciate what you're seeing.

    As for the screen saver password timeout, open the Control Panel and in the Search dialog type: screen saver password.  That should provide you a menu to change the timeout.

    One other thing I do is just press Windows Button + L whenever I leave my desktop.  That will lock your desktop.

    Thanks for the post!

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