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View Thread: Redundant UAC Dialog for Require Trusted Path?
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    I decided to enable the requirement of a CTRL+ALT+DEL for extra security, so that some form of malware can't easily fool me into thinking that their dialog is the real one.

    However, I was wondering when you choose to elevate something, why you first have to click "I want to complete this action", then press CTRL+ALT+DEL then enter the password in the other dialog box in the security desktop.  Shouldn't pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL be enough of an indication that you want to complete the action... or how about after you enter the password even.

    Is there a way to disable the "I want to complete this action" and just goto straight to CTRL+ALT+DEL then the rest, etc.?

    ....And as another question: How do I adjust the timeout period for locking my desktop in Vista?