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View Thread: Is Visual Basic inferior to C#?
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    It is amazing that people are so strongly pro or anti a language.
    However if you look at the world in general there are many things like religion where people have vastly different standpoints!

    Anyway from 'my' experience in the business world - one can write a VB.NET application - and write the same C# application and the quality (if the same 'process' was followed) will be exactly the same.

    So I ALWAYS try and think of the domain/context etc. that the 'language' will be used in to determine whether it is the 'better' language for the job.

    Think about it, i would not try and speak Afrikaans (which is my home language) in America if I'm trying to do business with a large organization ....

    So try not to think of which language is better, rather think of it this way by asking yourself.

    "In this context, which language would be better?"

    And think about things like!

    - functional requirements of the system
    - developer skills ! ! !
    - maintenance, will it be inhouse? do the inhouse developers know that language ? their experience thereof?

    So there are many many things to consider than just plainly making a statement like ...
    language x is better than language y because it is higher up in the alphabet .....

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