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View Thread: why are gui elements (wpf controls) still so slow?
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    When is MS going to ditch Win32 and give us new controls that are 100% native and that talk directly to the kernal with nothing in the way

    This is exactly what WPF does!. A lot of the communication is done directly with the kernal, completely avoiding anything Win32. That's the whole point.

    I will agree with you that WPF can be slow. Having done some investigation here, it's often not my Geforce 6200 that's the bottleneck, its actually my 2ghz P4. These are hardly cutting edge, but even so much as scrolling a large block of text can max out the cpu. On the other hand, WPF applications with rotating 3D models can run quite happily at well over 30fps, and appear to be video card limited.

    The 3D composition and rendering engine is actually very fast, the .NET code running on the top can sometimes be slow. Not becuase .NET is slow by nature, it certainly isn't. Just certain controls.

    I know i'll probably get shot down far saying this in a performance related thread, but with CPU's getting faster all the time, and WPF being a 'forward thinking' architecture, i'd rather take the hit and have all the advantages of managed code.