Hi Matthew

The funny thing is ive been running the xp installations for 3 years and the server 2003 installations for 2 years and both the xp and server 2003 installs had not had a problem synching with time.windows.com up until the beginning of march (checked through event viewer to find last decent ntp stamp).

These are machines which have been running 24/7 more or less (certainly the servers have been running constantly apart from the odd reboot for updates), and i just find it odd that now the xp machines can only synch with other time servers (time-a.nist.gov , time-b.nist.gov and uk.pool.ntp.org) and the server 2003 boxs refise to synch with any time servers.

I firmly belive a recent windows update or USA moving to DST early has caused a problem with time.windows.com. Im just suprised no one else has noticed this (admiteddly its not one of thos things you check unless your looking through event viewer) but it just seems odd that time.windows.com no longer works and in windows xp and server 2003 the default internet tab says "windows has never attempted to synchronize...... " ??