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    Andy H


    Has anyone else noticed lately not being able to synch with ? i dont know why but every single computer in my network at home is unable to synch with windows time servers yet they have done so in the past. I have not changed the setup of any of the comps nor have i changed any firewall settings etc. The only thing i can think is that a windows update has broken the functionality or with the USA moving to daylight savings time early that has broken something. I will have a look tomorrow at works domain and see if that has been able to synch.

    The odd thing is ive been able to synch 2 of my xp machines with but my server 2003 boxs refuse to synch with any time servers. Another odd thing ive just noticed is under the internet tab it says "windows has never attempted to synchronize with an internet time server"

    Is anyone else in the UK seeing this ? can microsoft confirm that there is a problem here ?

    Thanks Smiley