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    Matthew van Eerde wrote:

    The peer's stratum is less than the host's stratum??? That's weird.  You're the peer, is the host... the way NTP is supposed to work is that there are certain "stratum-1" time servers that are directly connected to an authoritative time source like an atomic clock or a GPS; any machine that syncs to these stratum-1 servers are considered stratum-2 machines; any machine that syncs to those is a stratum-3 machine... and so on, and so forth.

    If is higher stratus than your machine, something's very odd.

    After looking at it in Wireshark, I think I see why. is saying that its stratum is 0 (Unspecified or unavailable).  A working time server (I synced to is stratum 1.  This also may be of interest:

    Reference Clock ID: NULL
    Reference Clock Update Time: Feb 23, 2007 18:18:47.0627 UTC

    And this friendly little error, indicated in the flags byte of the NTP reply (don't see why Windows doesn't show this as the error rather than the one it does):

    11.. .... = Leap Indicator: alarm condition (clock not synchronized) (3)

    It should appear that is completely dead, no longer syncronizing with any reference clock.  Yikes!  As opposed to a working clock (

    Reference Clock ID: NIST dialup modem service
    Reference Clock Update Time: Apr 14, 2007 22:21:09.2982 UTC

    If it helps anyone who might try to fix it, the IP I'm getting for is

    (Wireshark's such a cool program)