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Javascript Debugging for IE possible?!?

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    Is there a reliable solution for performing javascript debugging within IE?  I'm now used to the brilliant modern solutions within Firefox (ie. Firebug) and so it comes as a great frustration when having to debug the endless IE specific problems.   I've tried the VS .NET 2003 debug process on Iexplore.exe but I'd say 99% of the time the technique fails, that is the "Running Documents" tab is never filled with the running javascript files currently in the browser and so I am unable to insert breaks to begin debugging within IE.  I've also tried the "debugger" keyword but again IE doesnt acknowledge it.  Guesisng where the code will fork to and inserting ALERT statements are killing me.

    I'm just looking for a reliable approach to debugging JS issues within IE.  VS.NET process debugging more often then not doesnt work and this is just wasting time.

    Thanks for any solution.

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    microsoft script debugger...

    its been around longer than firefox.  came out before the demise of netscape, i believe.  at least the company i was working at still used netscape a lot at the time i found it.

    you can also check out the ie dev toolbar here

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    If you use Visual Studio, you probably already have the debugger. You just have to enable debugging in IE (Tools - Internet options - Advanced) : Remove the checkmark from Disable Script debugging (Internet Explorer).

    Once you have done that, IE will prompt to let you debug when it hits a debugger statement or an error.

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    PoulStaugaard wrote:
    Once you have done that, IE will prompt to let you debug when it hits a debugger statement or an error.

    What is the debugger statement?

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    Enable script debugging in IE
    Clear your cache
    Attach the debugger to IE
    Make sure the debugging type is script


    use the debugging key word in your code.

    Put the actual word "debugger;" in your source.

    IE will ask you to pick a debugger when it hits this line of code.

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