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    hi there,
    i am wrkn on 1.1 and i have a unique kinda pblm,
    i have some values stored in a database,now i am getting some of the selected values based on a query into a datatable,

    now wht i want is to print dese values whch are in the datatable into the form in a textbox for editing purposes,
    how do i do dat and one thng to be kept in mind isthe number of values may vary so i may need diff num f textboxes everytime,

    how to dynamically generate textboxes wid diff id's depending on the number of values in the datatable?

    plz provide me with code..



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    to do what you are asking
    requires you to have a link stored in a persistant
    place either in the control veiwstate or session state

    which links each control id to the record you wish to update.

    on Form Init
    NOT Form Load it wil not be persistant

    TextBox T = new TextBox(); = \\Generate unique one;

    // if you want to set the update data
    T.Attributes.Add("Tag", "Field link");


    // to get the values
    ControlType = this.Controls[i].GetType().ToString();

    if (ControlType == "System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox")


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    If your going to ask people to do all the work for you, you could at least try and not come across as an utter cretin.

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