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Japanese windows mobile 5.0

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    When a file is downloaded through pocket IE on Japanese Windows Mobile 5.0, the filename is corrupted.

    Here is the test I ran:
    - Put a .doc (MS Word document) file with Japanese filename behind a webserver (I used Apache Webserver).
    - Access this file through pocket IE on Japanese Pocket PC WM 5.0
    - Browser throws open/save dialog box. I selected to save the file.
    - The file (including the filename) is corrupted in the downloaded file.

    Tcpdump shows that WM (Windows Mobile) is sending two requests to download the file. The first request is sent before showing the open/save dialog box to the user. This request contains the proper filename but the response is discarded.
    Immediately after user selects an action (to save or open), it sends another request for the file. But this time filename is corrupted in the request. As a result, webserver responds with 404 not_found.

    Is it a known issue? Is there any workaroud for this issue?


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