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    Real quick question to which I think I know the answer to. Is it possible to load an outside page in a Content area using masterpages. Basically a client wants another website to load in the browser with there Main navigation (Masterpage) on top. I know you could do this with Frames waay back when however I was hopeing I would not have to use Frames. Thank you,


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    No you would have to use a frame. The ASPX files have to be on the same server to use the Masterpage.

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    Masterpages don't work like this, they act more as an inheritance (although they don't actually use OOP inheritance).

    You need to use frames (an inline frame would do) for this. Frames are terrible, but not that terrible in this circumstance- because this is what you want to achieve.

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    look into the html iframe tag, might be what you need.

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