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WSE 3.0 web services questions

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    I have been asked to explore and create programming recommendations for using web services.  All web services will be intranet only at this time.  I have been looking at WSE and there are so many ways to secure a web service what would be best for these situations:

    Web Serivce One:
    The user will pass in their windows username/password to a web service.  It will authenticate them against LDAP for their domain and return LDAP info for them.  I don't want to pass the username/password unencrypted (of course) so what would be the best solution?

    Web Service Two:
    Once the program has validated the user against LDAP, the program would call a web service to return a datatable of weights and measurements for items.  This data is not criticle and if someone outside the company got a hold of it, no damage could really be done, but we want all web services to run within the same framework.

    Any help would be great.  I am programming in VB (stop groaning) using Windows XP.


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    John Galt

    There is a built in encryption provider in WSE for Domain authentication. It uses Kerberos and a way you go... so long as everyone actually is logged into the domain, if they're on a laptop or something that isn't authenticated properly, your toast.

    The other alternative is to use a shared secret with hashing, but you'll have to roll your own because they took it out because people were passing passwords or using trivially simple passwords (hash it to a 512 bit key and you're laughing though...)

    The other way is to use SSL and you're done, just send it all plain text and volia.

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