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ASP.NET get Info from Debit Card machine

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    Is there any way for ASP.NET get transaction information from Debit Card machine. Directly or indirectly doesn't matter.

    For example:
    A customer owning a debit card and go to supermarket to buy some stuffs. When he going to pay for the stuffs, he will go to cashier counter and use his debit card to purchase it. So the debit card will be checked by a machine and transaction done.

    I want the buylist with the price information to be sent into my server (only the buylist with price info.) in real-time and the server is using ASP.NET.

    I'm stuck with this problem for applying into my assignment (I'm a college student). If there any guide or logic willing to share, I'll be greatly appreciate it. Thank you Smiley

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    Look into web services. is only a way to display the data - not process it...

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    Yea Ben has it right. Your talkin at the DataAccess Layer but asking about presentation layer technology. Check out WCF, Web Services, etc.

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    I get the meaning, thanks a lot Smiley

    I'll do some research on WCF see if it can help.

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