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View Thread: WCF ConcurrencyMode.Reentrant Confusion
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    justinjsmith said:
    I've submitted a new paragraph to the MSDN folks. As a result of your feedback, new verbiage that is more precise will/should appear in the .NET Framework 3.5 documentation.

    These changes go through an approval process, but I don't see any roadblocks.

    --Justin Smith

    Hey Justin,

    I thought, you may be able to help me with this.
    We have setup a SCF service which runs with a ConcurrencyMode.Single
    Till a few days back we were only a few connecting to that service. Now there are more clients connecting to this service and service has stopped accepting the clients.
    I tried changing the concurrency modes to different values and nothing helped.
    We are hosting this service into a Windows NT Service.

    Let me know if there is something that I need to set on the service to handle more concurrent calls or its altogether a different problem?


    suhas dot chatekar at gmail dot com