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Datagrid Navigation?

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     I have a web application, in which i have a r.a.d datagrid. I also have 2 textboxes for the user to enter. I have enabled paging in the r.a.d datagrid. I have 2 buttons( New and Cancel).

    If the user is clicking the New Button and if the user tries to navigate to the next page, i want to pop a message to the user. Ie, if the user has clicked the button, then page navigation should not be enabled.

    How to do this? Please help

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    You need to use button1.attributes.add("onClick", "Javascript code goes here") in the codebehind.

    There's a good tutorial for this here:

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    If you are talking about RadGrid offered by Telerik corporation, there might be an quicker way to do what you are up to. I say it because I have played with their web grid a while ago (while working for my previous employer Tongue Out) and gained some knowledge on the product. 

    Do you plan to insert a new record when hitting the New button? If so, just intercept the PageIndexChanged event in the code-behind, check whether e.Item.OwnerTableView.IsItemInserted returns true and cancel the page action by setting e.Cancelled = true. After that, to notify the user that the operation was aborted, add the user message to the ResponseScripts collection of the grid object.

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