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Visual Studio Orcas, Beta 1, and VPC security policy

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    I thought I would give you guys a heads up on the default security policy, of the Orcas Beta 1, Virtual PC release. I have my systems all setup up to refuse NTLM(v1) and found to my surprise, that the Authentication level (of Server 2003) is to use only NTLM(v1). D'OH !!

    Symptoms are that you cannot login, regardless of which user account you use, the error message stating that the username and/or pasword is incorrect. If you are logging failures on the "server" to which you are trying to access, the Logon Process will be listed as NtLmSsp.

    PS: I tried to use the Orcas Feedback page, but as I found out, even though I can login using my LiveID, I've still have to apply to be able to participate in the Feedback... Expressionless

    EDIT: changed subject to something a little more understandable... Smiley

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