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Outlook Signature Problem! Help

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    Hello all, I'm trying to insert a image of my logo in my out going signatures in outlook 2003, but when i send the mail the reciever will see it fine on screen but when he prints it out its very fuzzy.  So Outlook automatically down sized the image to screen resolution.  Is there any way for me to send out the image in its original resolution that the signature was created in HTML in Word?

    Second problem with my signature is that I'm trying to place text under the image as well.  So that if someone who wants to view this on their blackberry in a all text format they still can see the hidden text under the image.  But when I send this signature it shows up fine when recieved but when they reply the formatting (the overlay on text and the align to left of character) is gone.  so the signature is all missaligned with the text running around the image.

    Any help would be great! thanks

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    Stop trying to do so much.
    Keep your formatting as simple as possible.
    Your email will be read using many different email clients and on different platforms, eg smartphone, blackberry, etc.
    They all have different capabilities and limitations.
    You want a signature which looks good on all of them so keep it simple.

    Simon Jones
    Contributing Editor
    PC Pro Magazine

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