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Repair permissions on a Windows 2003 server folder?

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    Not sure how it happened, it may have been due to our server changing its role from a domain controller down to a general network node. But we have a folder on one of our shares that won't delete.

    Checking the permissions for the file I can see that the 'Users' group has 'List folder contents' persmissions, there isn't any Administrators permissions there, the only other permission looks to be a broken one named 'Account Unknown (some random guid type id)'.

    Whats the best way to repair this? tried removing it before the OS boots using something called move on boot (or something), but it doesn't appear to work.

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    • Right click the folder and open Properties
    • Switch to the Security tab
    • Click Advanced
    • Switch to the Owner tab
    • Select the Administrators group (or other as appropriate)
    • Check the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects box
    • Click OK and allow Windows to reset file ownership

    Then apply any security permissions required (making sure to replace those on subfolders if necessary).

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    Ah ha! easy when you know eh, thank you very much! Smiley

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    No problem. Smiley

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