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Fingerprint Reader SDK for IBM Thinkpad T60 laptops.

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    Good morning.

    I've got a new laptop, an IBM ThinkPad T60. It comes with a fingerprint reader for login and such, which is pretty cool. However, I'd like to take it further, though, and write a program that listens to events from the reader and launches custom programs/code based on it. Of course, I would like the use hte data from the ThinkVantage Enrollment database, so I'll know what finger was swiped - that way I can launch a specific program based on the finger used.

    I only want to do this INSIDE a user session. I don't want to override or mess with the security/credentials bit. Just using it as another input device.

    Does anyone know of any documentation, or if it's at all possible? I couldn't find anything on the IBM/Lenovo site, Googling only pointed me towards UPEK, apparently the manufacturer of the hardware, but they only offer SDKs as part of their Partner Program.


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